Close Online Membership Platform - Get GDPR Compliant FAST

Get GDPR Compliant On WordPress AND NON-WP Sites Shopify, ClickFunnels, InstaPage & HTML Everywhere!

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Advantages Of SaaS Version

  • Fully Customized Legal Pages

    System will generate customized Legal pages based on your company info.

  • AGENCY / Developer License

    Charge your clients once or monthly & install the widget on their sites so they can become GDPR compliant fast too.

  • Use On Non-WP Sites

    Shopify , Clickfunnels, InstaPage, HTML sites & everything else in between.

  • Translation Made Easy

    Now you can customize the entire GDPR & Legal page experience with your local language.

Generic Branding

There is NONE of our branding on the software.  Software is branded "GDPR-500".

Can You Use This on WordPress Sites?:  Yes! -  All Rights Reserved.  Terms & Privacy